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ln the early 1960s, an industry was created that revolutionized the world of home ownership in Southern California.Out of the
desire for a quality lifestyle, recreational amenities and  investment security, the Community Association, or as it is more commonly known, the Common Interest Development, was born Orange County became the area most associated with this trend.

ln 1969, founder, John C. Kubas, was introduced to the fledgling field of Community Association management and was drawn to
the opportunity to improve his neighbors’ quality of life by way of this newly blossoming industry.

At its inception, Kubas’s business provided property management to more than 500 homes in the Harbor View Community Association in Newport Beach. We take great pride in recognizing that we have provided management services, uninterrupted, to these first clients since 1969.

From these simple beginnings, Kubas worked to direct Villageway’s growth to its present association account list. He built a company that continues to manage the owners living or working in Villageway properties.

Kubas also made it a point to share his skill set with others and was instrumental in forming and participating in organizations that educate and regulate association managers. Kubas was one of the founding members of the California Association of Community Managers, CACM, which was established in the State of California in 1991. Since then, Villageway’s property managers have achieved a myriad of credentials in the area of professional homeowners association property management.

• CCAM (Certified Community Association Manager) issued by the California Association of Community Managers (CACM)
• PCAM (Professional Community Association Manager) issued by the Community Association Institute (CAl)
• AMS (Association Management Specialist) issued by CAI
• CMCA (Certified Manager of Community Associations) issued by the NBC-CAM (National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers) of CAl

Villageway staff members have supported their industry and continued their company tradition by serving on various committees of both CACM and CAl and continuing their education through proficiency improvement classes.

Our employees blend a wide range of experience and expertise into a strong, efficient team of professionals. Teamwork is a watchword at Villageway. When an Association retains the services of Villageway Management, not only do they have a property manager working for them, they also have a team of individuals dealing directly with the day-to-day activities of the Association.

As an Association Management company, Villageway assumes responsibilities similar to that of a City Manager and staff. Each Association consists of elected Boardmembers who establish policies that Villageway is responsible for carrying out coupled with day-to-day operations.The services offered by Villageway include complete property management, encompassing vendor and subcontractor administration, invoice payment, homeowner assessment processing and billing, customer service requests, and
enforcement of each association’s rules and regulations.

With over 45 years of experience behind it. Villageway Management, lnc continues to be one of the largest and most respected property management companies of its kind in Orange County, and growing. Growth intelligently planned and service oriented, has not compromised the company’s ability to serve its clients. The needs of valued, existing clientele continue to be met as Villageway reaches out to new accounts.The tremendous prosperity experienced by Villageway has been accomplished almost entirely by word of mouth advertising – the highest form of compliment, customer satisfaction. Villageway’s performance standards are
as high now as they were at the beginning. The company’s continued success is a testament to those standards.

 Homeowners associations that contract with Villageway Management, Inc. can rest assured that their interests will be represented by professionals who are knowledgeable, responsive and courteous. Homeowners dealing directly with Villageway find available staff members and a results-oriented approach to customer service.

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Guiding Principles

our employees through a work environment that promotes respect, dignity and
ethical conduct.

diversity as an essential component to the way we do business.

to deliver the highest standards of excellence in our client services, and seek
ways to grow and improve the customer experience.

to always be a force of positive change in the community with respect for the
environment and stakeholder needs.

that being profitable is directly linked to our ability to build upon our traditions
while leading the way for future generations.

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